Tanjung Pendam

This beautiful beach is located in the city centre, where you can see the fascinating small island of Kalamoa facing the beach. On the southern part of the beach, there is Tanjung Pandan harbour. The immense moment of Tanjung Pendam beach for most visitors when the sun goes down.

On a certain occasion, the various interesting activities are held in Tanjung Pendam beach for both local and foreign tourists such as Buang Jong ceremony, fighting using rattan and other art performances. Buang Jong, means to throes away or to sail a small junk into the sea, in which contains: some offering of flowers, food, and ?ancak? (bamboo framework in shape of small house, symbolized the homestead). On March and April when the ebb-tide comes, many local people are hunting kijing. The beach also provides children playing ground, sport facilities and other tourist activities.

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